An authentic and sincere voice, outstanding for its character.

As voice-over artist, I work with studios, voice-over agencies and media {production) companies all over the world.
I can be heard on productions for NBC Universal, Media Markt, WWF, Adidas, Tele2, Essent, Heinz, Discovery Channel, Warner Music, Nescafe, Sony Pictures,Dutch FilmWorks, Mojo-Live Nation, Vodafone, Domino's, RTL, SBS, Veronica, Eurosport, Heineken, S.A.P., Deloitte, Mentos, DAF, Sligro, Robeco, DouweEgberts, Rabobank, Philip Morris, PLUS, Lidl, Jumbo, Phillips.

I am a native Dutch speaker, yet I also speak British-English and American-English fluently.
I’m considered flexible, accurate, innovative and reliable. Every day I deliver voice-overs from my high-end home studio or mobile studio, within a few hours or minutes. I will also come to come to any designated studio in Holland or Belgium. I am one of the few voice-overs that can deliver fully produced productions, apply mastering and deliver at unparalleled sounding EBU R-128 loudness specs as well.
E-mail: maurice@mauriceverschuuren.nl

General demo

General voice-over demo

Company & E-Learning

Need technical, medical or company voice-overs? My voice is perfect for corporate and E-learning. I take directions easily and have provided world's biggest names with V.O. for their company presentations, online videos, tutorials and E-learning.


Commercial voice-overs. From soft, medium to hard sell. Powerful or casual.


Dubbing and narration for (syndicated) TV shows. I regularly voice new Dutch TV productions as well as syndicated American, British or even Japanese TV programs.


Movie trailers in Dutch, US or UK English.


Although natively Dutch, I have a correct pronunciation of the English and American language. For European clients, I can do a not too dominant version of UK or US English as well.


As native Brabander I regularly do Brabants accent in a variety of styles. Slightly Brabants for corporate use, or heavily acted for characters. Regular clients include Omroep Brabant Radio, Eindhoven Airport and many others.


Besides Brabants and soft ' G' Dutch, I can do a slightly Limburgs accent for corporate or commercial use.